2 Chandler Unified students Flinn Scholars

Two Gilbert residents who attend Chandler Unified high schools are among the 20 winners of 2023 Flinn Scholarships. (File Photo) 

Two Gilbert residents who attend Chandler Unified high schools are among the 20 winners of 2023 Flinn Scholarships.

A third Gilbert resident who won the prestigious scholarship attends school in Mesa, where she was that school’s first Flinn Scholar.

The Gilbert winners are Basha High senior Cameron Bautista, Hamilton High senior Carol Chen and BASIS Mesa senior Elizabeth Ghartley.

The merit-based award will provide each of them a full ride to one of Arizona’s public universities, valued at $130,000 and including tuition, fees, housing, meals and at least two study-abroad experiences.

Those students and the other Flinn Scholars will attend honors colleges at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University or the University of Arizona.

The scholarship, now in its 38th year and supported by the Phoenix-based Flinn Foundation in partnership with the universities, is the most competitive and prestigious college scholarship in the state and awarded strictly on merit.

“These 20 students, from 20 different high schools, show that incredibly high-achieving students are found throughout Arizona, studying at a diverse mix of schools in the heart of our largest cities and in some of our smallest communities,” said Anne Lassen, Flinn Foundation vice president, scholarship and education initiatives.

“These students will enhance the Flinn Scholars community and represent our state well both on and off campus in all of their pursuits.”

Six winners attend high schools celebrating their first Flinn Scholar – including BASIS Mesa.

Seven Flinn Scholars live and attend high school outside Maricopa County while Basha, High had its second Flinn Scholar and North Phoenix Preparatory Academy and Desert Mountain garnered one for the second consecutive year.

More than 1,000 applications were received by the program in October for the 20 awards, an award rate of 1.9%.

To qualify, Flinn Scholars must excel in the classroom and typically rank in the top 5% of their graduating class, while also demonstrating leadership in a variety of extracurricular activities both at school and in their communities.

This year’s winners plan to study a wide range of subjects, including neuroscience, physiology and medical sciences, English, political science, molecular biosciences and biotechnology, mathematics, mechanical engineering, finance, and more.

“Our new class of Flinn Scholars represents the best of Arizona and is filled with our state’s future thinkers and leaders,” said Tammy McLeod, Flinn Foundation president and CEO.

Beyond the financial awards allowing Flinn Scholars to graduate without debt, other benefits include funding for an international summer seminar after freshman year and at least one additional study-abroad experience; amenities including small classes, access to top researchers, and guest lectures; personal mentorship from top faculty and fellow scholars.

They also get to meet Arizona and global leaders in business, government, science, and the arts at exclusive events and participate in specially designed intellectual, cultural and social activities. 

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