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Jason Key and Tom Montgomery wanted something that said “American” and “fun” when they opened their South Chandler restaurant last year. (Courtesy of Jason Key)

Friends and business partners Jason Key and Tom Montgomery grew up in the New York area. So did some of their fellow investors. 

When they were looking for a name for their new South Chandler restaurant and bar, they had a specific concept in mind, but the actual name eluded them.

“We wanted something that kind of touched on something American, but had a fun kind of a neighborhood feel,” Key said. “We had so many options. We were like, ‘oh, that sounds good.’ And then a couple of weeks later, it didn’t sound so good. “Maybe it didn’t roll off the tongue like we liked. And then it got down to the kind of crunch time and down to the wire.”

A childhood memory proved to be the source of inspiration for the name.

“Growing up all of our sisters and friends were always doing the double-dutch jump rope game out in the streets,” he said. “And I was never really good at it.”

That’s how the Double Dutch Kitchen & Cocktails got its name. 

The business partners had been operating The Kettle Black together in downtown Phoenix. After weathering the COVID storm, they decided to expand.

They took over an existing place in early 2021 on the northeast corner of Dobson and Germann roads. What they liked about it was they didn’t feel it needed a lot of work.

“We didn’t have to put a whole lot of money into the place which was a selling aspect for us,” Key said. “But we ended up putting a lot of money to get our own touches and things and [making some repairs].”

Keeping to the theme of childhood games, Key said they offer some fun things for visitors.

“We have a great patio out here to throw some beanbags or play Giant Jenga or things like that,” he said.

So far, Key said they’ve been a success with local residents, some of whom return multiple times a week. He said the next step is to make sure a wider area of Chandler knows about the place and will come check them out.

“They love our braised beef short ribs,” Key said. “They love our steaks and our seafood but first, they come in sometimes and have our street corn or shrimp ceviche.

“They really like our deals that we have – like on Mondays, we’ll do a burger and a draught beer for $12. We’ll do nice gourmet burgers. We do some Taco Tuesdays, which have been pretty well received.”

In the bar area, they offer craft cocktails.

“We’re an American-style gastropub specializing in some craft cocktails and you know, great beer, craft beer. You can get anything here, from burgers and sandwiches and salads to filet mignon and salmon. We have some higher-end pasta dishes and things like that, too. So we’re trying to fit all that little market.”

On weekends, Double Dutch offers live entertainment.

“We started doing it about I’d say maybe a year ago,” Key said. “And it’s been well received. People know that you can come in here on a Friday or Saturday night and know that there’s either going to be a solo musician or a duo or maybe even a trio, maybe even a band.”

Double Dutch Kitchen & Cocktails

1890 W. Germann Road, Suite 1, Chandler

480-758-5856, thedoubledutchaz.com

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