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In March 1973, the last U.S. combat troops withdrew from Vietnam and returned to a divided country where many veterans didn’t receive recognition for their service.

A severe labor shortage has caused delays to building projects around the nation and St. Louis-based McCarthy Building Companies is doing something about it with its first Innovation and Craft Workforce Center in West Chandler.

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On any given day Steve Kanner, a school counselor at Hamilton High School, can be found speaking in a classroom or having a one-on-one conversation with a student.

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Kyrene, Tempe Union and Chandler Unified school districts spent more money in the classroom last school year than in 2020-21 and students out-tested the passing averages on state assessment tests for both the state and similarly sized districts.

Most Americans look at the COVID-19 pandemic a lot differently today than when it first arrived as those early months were filled with unknowns as fears for the economy grew with business shutdowns.

The head of the Chandler police union has filed a legal claim against the city, alleging officials retaliated against him for some of the things he said and did as head of that body.

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