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Chandler author and Reiki master Olivia Veloso has just published her third book. (Special to the Arizonan)

Chandler author and Reiki master Olivia Veloso couldn’t visit her native Philippines or engage in many of the activities she normally does during the pandemic, but COVID-19 hardly slowed her down.

Veloso has just published her third book, “From a Place of Knowing,” which she started in April 2020 after opening her Instagram account and seeing a post that read: “When you know, teach.” 

While her first book, “On the Wings of Manifestations,” was about her guardian angel experiences and the second one, “Wherever You Take Me,” is about the law of attraction, her new book contains “interrelated stories of my guardian angel, the law of attraction and Reiki.”

“I added unexpected and surprising twists to every chapter and as you read on, some of the experiences will make you cry, while others will make you laugh, and I added some of my true to life spirit encounters - ghost stories that will make your hair rise,” she explained.

“Without trying, the sequence of how I got to a powerful place began to naturally unfold, a place where I surrendered the control and let situations be. I started to respond to life from my place of knowing. I wanted this book to be an easy read and as it turned out, my experiences will show my readers how they too can move forward and become aware of an amazing world where synchronized events unfold right before their eyes.”

There were other things Veloso discovered during the pandemic.

“I started to receive phone calls, at first from close friends and my Reiki students who needed someone to talk to,” she recalled. “Before I knew it, I was spending two to three hours almost every afternoon attending to calls. It was my way of helping out when we were at the height of the pandemic. Most of the time, I didn’t have to say anything, all I did was listen, and that helped them know they weren’t alone and that they mattered.”

After COVID restrictions were lifted, Veloso worked with Shaunte Fox, owner of Sozo Healing House in Tempe, to introduce Reiki to people.

“Reiki calms and soothes, and uplifts our energy,” Veloso explained. “It helps speed up the recovery stage of any ailment. The benefits that we can get out of a Reiki treatment are endless. That was the beginning of our Open Reiki Share Days, when we offered half an hour Reiki treatments for a small fee.

“And it is thanks to my Reiki students who volunteer to give treatments, to this day, we continue to give everyone the opportunity to improve their health and their quality of life.”

A Reiki master for 30 years who supervises the treatments,  Veloso believes “more people are turning to holistic medicine and natural healing than ever before” in the wake of the pandemic. 

She established Gendai Reiki Ho, Oneness “ to contribute to the promotion of peace and restore wellness in our society.” It is a sponsor of the Usui Reiki 2022-2023 Osaka, Japan Convention and because she is a member of the Association of Gendai Reiki Ho Madrid, Spain, who are the main organizers of the Usui Reiki Convention, she will be there as a volunteer.

For the first time in two years, she also was able to return to the Philippines, where she was the first master to introduce Gendai Reiki Ho to that country.

“Since there are many different lineages in western Reiki, Gendai Reiki Ho is the only system recognized by the Japanese government as the one and true Reiki.  In the world of Reiki, this lineage is very important.” 

She will be having a reading from her book at 3 p.m. May 1 at Sozo Healing House. RSVP at: 480-266-4575 because space is limited. After that she will be returning to the Philippines for another book presentation and signing.

Information on Veloso’s Reiki and other holistic practices:480-471-5891 or 480-266-4575 or e-mail ochiong@hotmail.com

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