Mark Stewart’s

Haus Interiors Alyssa Warring said Mark Stewart’s work helped her firm.

Mark Stewart said his marketing-public relations firm helped a Chandler interior decorator generate $3 million in new business with a comprehensive digital refresh.

Stewart – a Chandler City Council member who is founder of Concept2Completion – said his company’s work for Haus Interiors at 2350 E. Germann Road demonstrates the value of an engaging social media presence in extreme economic circumstances – like those created by the pandemic.

It’s not just Haus Interiors that benefitted, either.

“Our business actually picked up during the pandemic because people recognize that they need to redo their website, update their LinkedIn profile or take videos that tell their brand’s story. All those things became apparent,” said Stewart.

Stewart’s work helped Haus Interiors capitalize on the pandemic’s impact on households. As more people worked from home and families spent more time there, more homeowners wanted to remodel.

At the same time, Stewart said there was a need for companies to enhance their digital outreach to take advantage of the fact that online use spiked.

“The overall electronics usage went through the roof during that period of time because people weren’t going to the movies and were out shopping as little as possible, so they were filling their time online,” he explained.

Capitalizing on this unique opportunity, Concept2Completion doubled its number of clients, Stewart said. They included small to medium businesses that included blockchain companies, orthodontic practices and lawyers.

They all had one goal, Stewart said: “Establish their brand, understand their messaging and ultimately, build a cadence and rhythm so they would be at the top of mind and tip of the tongue when opportunities came by.”

Haus Interiors, a four-employee contracting company, wanted a better platform to display their work and expand market awareness of their services. 

These services include personal consultations with professionals in the industry, access to showrooms and an overall more intimate experience with customers to ensure their satisfaction with their renovated spaces.

 Concept2Completion hired an array of photographers and videographers to document Haus’ before-and-after transformations of homes, giving the company’s Instagram page a cohesive theme.

Stewart also ensured the brand could be found at the top of a Google search for general contractors or home remodeling, according to Haus Interiors project manager and interior designer Alyssa Warring. 

“It was nice when we started working with Concept2Completion because they were able to fully take on everything so we don’t even have to think about it, it’s a well-oiled machine,” Warring said. 

Added Stewart: “We’ve really created a following of people interested in their work, they may not even be interested in doing remodeling but they’re interested in the content.” 

Moving forward, both Haus Interiors and Concept2Completion plan to grow their organizations, hiring people and capitalizing on the lessons they both learned during their work together.

“The takeaway from us is that digital is not going away and if you’re waiting for the perfect time to plant that tree, there are two great times,” Stewart said. “One time is tomorrow, so you can sit in the shade 30 years from now, another month and you’ll be in the same place you are today, so just take action.”  

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