Dr. Lauren N. Byrne

As the stepdaughter of a German immigrant who struck out for America and worked hard to become a businessman, Dr. Lauren N. Byrne knows all about the challenges and hard work involved in setting out on your own.

And Byrne thinks about him as she prepares to launch her own urology practice in Chandler, called Desert Sky Urology.

Her stepfather “gives me great inspiration as I embark on my current venture,” said Byrne, whose mother was a teacher.

Byrne and her husband, parents of three children under 10, moved to Chandler nine years ago and she immediately began practicing after her residency.

“I have been part of two large urology groups,” she said. “I am now ready to run the practice in the way I have always imagined.”

Born in Louisiana and raised in Colorado, Byrne graduated in 2001 from Cornell College in Iowa, where she majored in English as well as biochemistry and molecular biology.

In 2006 she earned her medical degree from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where she did a year-long surgery internship before heading to Case Western Reserve University Hospitals for a urology residency that spanned 2007-12.

“I knew when I decided to go to medical school that I wanted to be a surgeon,” Byrne said. “I had no idea there were so many amazing surgical subspecialty options at that time."

She gravitated to urology because she considers it “a great surgical field in which there are many large hospital surgical procedures and smaller in-office procedures and they can all have a drastic effect on patient quality of life. 

“I love that I see patients from age 15 to 105,” Byrne said. “I love that I have patients that I see once and take care of their issue efficiently, I also have patients that need ongoing follow up that I have known since my first days in practice.”

She has been so popular with patients that some “have sent me all of their family members, each of whom I see for very differing issues – which is extremely rewarding to have that level of trust.”

Byrne comes from a large family of educators and is the first physician in her family.

And opening her practice in Chandler was only logical, she said.

“We love living in Chandler and have no plans to leave,” Byrne said. “Chandler has a great patient population with a significant ongoing need for urologic care. I enjoy operating at our local hospitals and am credentialed at Chandler Regional Hospital, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center and the new Banner Ocotillo Medical Center.”

“I have felt extremely supported by the community and my colleagues in the local area,” Byrne said. 

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