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Chandler resident Shannon Dougherty runs Fit Mom Living and has clients from Europe to Canada. (Photo by Stephanie Slezak)

Chandler resident Shannon Dougherty says it’s easy to see why people don’t always stick to diets.

“When I started down my own personal path of macro tracking, I realized all the things that I was depriving myself of in the past, and struggling with those restrictive diet plans that most of us, women especially, feel like excess cardio, under eating and restrict ourselves, a whole new world opened up.”

In macro counting, people count carbohydrates, proteins and fats instead of calories. Dougherty said that helped her finally keep off the same 10 or so pounds she would gain, then lose, then gain, then lose.

She said what she likes about counting macros, is there are no good or bad foods. You can eat what you want, you just have to limit it to the macro daily goals.

Dougherty has always been interested in health. 

She’s been a fitness trainer for years but after having success with macro counting in her own life, decided to make the switch and become a macro counting coach.

“It’s a really hard concept for a lot of people to grasp,” Dougherty said. “They think, shoot, I’m going to add more food, and the panic sets in, ‘I’m going to gain weight, I’m adding more food.’ There’s no magic pill, everyone’s searching for the quick fix, and they want results yesterday.”

Dougherty said the best way to think about macro counting is like a race car. If there’s no fuel in the tank, it’s not going anywhere. She said denying the body nutrition leads to binge eating.

By instead of counting calories and instead counting how macros, you’re not denying the body the fuel it needs and you can stick to the types of food that will allow you to still lose weight.

Dougherty started her online coaching in 2019 and currently has clients as far away as Europe and Canada. Because she’s online, the pandemic hasn’t hurt her business.

“It used to be that they wanted to lose their baby weight, now they want to lose their COVID weight,” Dougherty said.

Dougherty said she studied sports medicine at San Diego State University before starting work as a personal trainer.

She said with her experience as a mom, and a business owner and a person who tries to stay fit herself, she can help other busy moms find the balance they need to care for their families and still find time to invest in themselves.

Dougherty said first her clients have to make the decision to buy in. Then, she starts by setting small goals to make the changes sustainable. While exercise will definitely help with that journey, it’s not the priority.

“I always like to say you can’t out-train a bad diet,” Dougherty said. “Nutrition is 85 percent of the equation, I like to say exercising is the icing on the cake.”

She said she limits the number of one-on-one clients she takes so that she can maintain a high level of service. She also offers group classes.

“I just want women and moms to know that they’re not alone in struggling, and there is a way that they can feel good about themselves and see results and not give up on their goals.”

Information: Sign up for service at Learn more on Instagram at FitMomLiving.

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