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Whether you’re talking tech, healthcare – or even the game of golf – the stories of Chandler companies large and small are compelling, aspirational, and full of business and life lessons.

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Ford’s new YouTube video for the Explorer: Men’s Only Edition ( is made for the age of clickbait. What at first seems like a tone-deaf misstep is actually a tribute to women’s contributions to the auto industry for Women’s History Month.

The very essence of Arizona is rooted in local control. The Arizona Constitution is different than other states, designed to protect cities and towns – and the citizens who live in them – from government overreach.

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I moved to Chandler more than 17 years ago for opportunity in business, to start a family and to become part of a community where I could make a lasting impact. Throughout my years of living in Chandler, I have contributed to the City economically, charitably and politically.

By David Leibowitz, Arizonan Columnist   Once you hit the far side of age 50, the coming of a new year ranks as a solemn moment. And the dawn of a new decade? It makes you take stock.  After all, how many new decades are […]

By Dr. Michael Maricic and Dede Ocha, Arizonan Guest Writers   Imagine if you could save hundreds of lives and tens of millions of dollars each year in Arizona, prevent countless more health complications, and relieve a growing burden on our state? Our Congressional delegation […]

By Dave Allazetta, CEO for UnitedHealthcare of Arizona The U.S. health care system will continue to evolve during 2017, with new technologies and programs helping make care more efficient and accessible for more Americans. Here are five health care trends to monitor during the coming […]

By Denny Barney This year, there are a lot of new faces in Maricopa County—a different sheriff, a new county recorder, treasurer and superintendent of schools. A five-year Board of Supervisors makeover culminated with the swearing in of Supervisor Bill Gates in January. We recognize […]

By Rick Heumann For the past eight years, it has been my pleasure to serve the citizens of Chandler as a councilman. My parents always instilled the importance of giving back to the community and I’ve had many experiences to honor them. I always asked, […]

It is nothing new to hear that 2016 was a rough year for law enforcement officers. As of Dec. 28, 2016, according to the Officer Down Memorial page, officers killed by gunfire was up 59% from 2015. Here in Chandler, our police department is extremely […]

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