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Hamilton High School rising seniors Chloe Zhan and Alexis Li said they were both confident about their projects at the Arizona Science & Engineering Fair – though doubts set in when they saw how brilliant many of their competitors’ entries were.

St. Joseph’s Youth Camp has hit some difficult times ahead of this year’s summer camp season and a Mesa Public Schools teacher is trying to get it over the hurdle.

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Chandler boy, 9, becomes budding TV starChandler boy, 9, becomes budding TV starSouth Chandler actor Preston Brodrick was among the celebrities attending the premier of a new TV series, “Bupkis.”

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Ahwatukee resident Jean Reblitz is the director for the Dental Assisting School of Arizona and has held the post for more than six years, a culmination of her 25 years in the dental field.

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There was a time in this country when two people would debate the great issues of the day and through the strength of their arguments, sway minds. That is rare in today’s world filled with talking points and closed minds.

Multi-talented artistic creator Peppur Chambers has been living in Chandler less than two years and she is already giving back to the community as a new member of the Chandler Cultural Foundation Board.

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